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So far, so good, I must say. This “work by the hour” thing seems to be the key that’s opening the book-length doors.

A recap:

  • It’s been hard to keep the creative short works to half an hour. I find myself working away and then going, “oh crap,” and looking at my timer to realize it says 45 minutes or something worse. So, curbing that (and my stupid email) are goals for next week.
  • I’ve completed a good majority of the first non-fiction proposal this week, which I have to say is surprising. I thought it would take me much longer. My hope is to actually finish a draft of it by next week and send it over to my First Reader.
  • The novel is also coming along. *swallows nervously and hopes she isn’t jinxing it* I did as much planning as I could without spoiling the discovery of writing, and I’ve managed to nail 2,900 words down. More than I expected, and better than I expected too. I was hoping to have 5,000 words to my first reader by Jan. 30, but now I’m thinking I might be able to send the whole first 10,000 words by then. Way cool.

raul.jpgNot to mention that my main male character is freaking hotter than hell. That always helps a bit.

Next week: I’m hoping for more of the same. Writing-wise, not hot male character-wise. I can only handle one blindfolded hunk in my computer at a time. (Hush, you…okay, well maybe two would be okay).