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naughtspanking1.jpgJust got word that my story, “How to Spank Me,” has been accepted for publication in Naughty Spanking 1, from Xcite Press. This is one of the only second-person stories I’ve ever written, and it was originally published in (hold on…I have to go look it up…how sad is that?)…Oh yes, the great Got a Minute, edited by Alison Tyler. So it’s nice to see it get a second go-round.dancetodeath.jpg

On the totally opposite side of the spectrum, my poem, “How to Go,” is in the newest edition of Dance to Death, a publication put out by Sorrowland Press. “How to Go” is a poem that happened as the result of a class assignment where we had to write a poem based on a piece of artwork. Can you guess which one I used?