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Things are bumping along. Smooth is not a word that I’m allowed to use this week, I don’t think, in relation to anything, so I think I’ll just stop aiming for that to happen. Here’s what is, has and seems to be happening instead:

  • Shorts: Too many ideas. Too much desire to write them down. I’m sure it’s all because I’ve told myself that I can’t. Thus…me want! Will ignore that.
  • Proposals: The various proposals are moving along. I’m co-writing one of the proposals and we’ve been doing it via Zoho collaborative editing and online chat. After a few glitches (the least of which was that the landlord arrived right in the middle of our first “meeting” and needed to turn the power off), we seem to have figured out how to do it. I love working with her, and we have very similar ideas about how to move forward, present the proposal and set deadlines. I see a long future of working with her and it makes me delighted.
  • Novel: Hmm…sexy. I’ve given myself free rein to sex it up. My First Reader is either going to hate me or love me when she gets it. I have no idea which. I’m even creating a soundtrack to write to, a first (speaking of which: got some super-sexy country song that you love? Tell me! I need a few more).
  • Freelance: I seem to have caught up. Maybe? It’s hard to tell sometimes. I have a number of big projects that are supposed to arrive on my desk next week, but who knows if they’ll be on time.
  • Readings: I have some cool readings coming up (see the cool new sidebar to the right for all the details). Plus, I just got a yes from Powell’s for sometime in March. Woot!
  • How to make yourself feel good: ask all of the great writers you know if they’ll write a blurb about you for your web site/proposals. The amazing response from people has made me nearly cry. Such nice, kind, thoughtful things–I’m really learning a lot about what people perceive as my strengths, not to mention that I’m feeling especially well-loved and held by everyone’s amazing responses.
  • How pole-dancing is like writing. This is a post in itself, and I’m going to make it as soon as I check a few more things off my to-do list.

How’s Week 2 going for the rest of you out there? Sounds like Nikki’s novel has taken a turn for the ha-ha. Susie Bright has signed on to give us her memoir. What’s in your computer?