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tour_outside.jpgDespite my “cold, stuffy-head, sneezing, so you can’t do a damn thing condition,” I took an afternoon nap yesterday and then I sucked it up and headed off to the launch party of the Writer’s Dojo with good friend and writing inspiration, Gina Daggett. I’m so glad that I did. Created by writer Jeffrey Selin (with a little help from friends and family), the Dojo is an amazing space for writers–gorgeous and inspiring and incredibly welcoming. If it was closer to my house, I’d seriously join. I even offered to help paint the annex that he’s going to build right on my street (right, Jeff?)

In addition to the Dojo itself, the place was filled with a veritable who’s-who of Portland’s literary best and brightest, many of whom (and, yes, I do the pinch-test every time I say this) are even friends of mine. Tom Spanbauer. Sage Cohen. Chuck Palahniuk. Claire Sykes. Diane. Charles. Others that I never get to see anymore.

I also heard Kim Stafford read, I met Chelsea Cain for the first time, even though I’ve loved her writing forever, and I had the chance to listen to Alison Clement read her hysterical bits about waiting tables. James Bernard Frost and I had an interesting conversation about gaming. And, most unexpected find of the evening? Aaron Klump, a friend from a former life who did the Dojo’s website.

So, all in all, well worth the trip. Beautiful space, beautiful people. I got home at 11 p.m., and slept like a dog (read: panting, whining, with my tongue hanging out and my eyes half-open). Today I’m feeling too well to nap, not well enough to do anything else functional… Let’s hope it’s the last day like this, shall we?