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Oh, my, my. As Alison Tyler always says, “I’ve been a bad girl.” (Well, she doesn’t say that I’ve been a bad girl–she’s usually talking about herself–but that’s just because she’s too kind to say it about me). Or maybe she says, “I’ve been a naughty girl.”

lipstick-front-cover-web.jpgEither way, you get the picture (don’t you?). So, what did I do this time? I got a smear of Lipstick on Her Collar. I didn’t mean it (okay, maybe I did), but there it is, and no matter how much I rub and rub, I can’t get it off. But it looks kind of sexy there, don’t you think? Like it belongs there, that bit of red, that leave of lip, running along the white? Don’t you wonder what I did to put it there?

What I did was puckered up…and then wrote a sexy story of hot lesbians, hard leashes and loyal dogs. The story, called “Dog Day Afternoon,” is included in this gorgeous collection, edited by Sacchi Green and Rakelle Valencia. Now, who else is with me? I see lipstick the color of Cheyenne Blue…anyone else?