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I always love to see photos of writers’ spaces. Those places where they put words together, where they create worlds and stories and masterpieces. I love to see who’s cluttery, who appears to be slightly anal (in that incredibly cool, creative way, of course) and who seems to walk the line between the two.

Speaking of walking, you can see one of my writing spaces here. That’s my anal space, I guess. Or more likely, my Type A, multi-tasking space. My main writing space is coffee shops. Namely (shhh…) Starbucks and Fat Straw (a bubble tea place). My requirements for a public writing space have less to do with the quality of the drinks and more to do with location (can I walk there from my house?), wifi (do they have it? is it free?), table size (if it won’t fit my laptop and a drink, forget it) and niceness of the people serving/owning.

p1010591.jpgMy last writing space is the one that I use the least for actual writing, but the most for organizing, planning, stashing and creative inspiration. You can see many of my current characters on the wall, as well as quotes, cards and other things that caught my eye or that I’m going to use “someday.” Yeah, and I’m going to read all those books on that same someday…