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This is the point that I hate in novel writing. Well, one of the many points that I hate.

I’m at 6,000+ words. Now, I know that’s not much. One-tenth of the way through. But on one hand, I’m feeling pretty good. My original goal was 5,000 words by the end of the month, and now it looks like I’m going to double that. I’d say the writing was pretty good, or at least not half bad, but it’s very hard to tell. Yesterday, it was good. Today, it sucks. Same writing. I just don’t know how to gauge it.

So I say I hate it. Not just the writing, but the process. But then the thing happens that happened this morning which was, uh, a shining light. On the page. Really. It was a moment when things clicked and I saw something larger in the story, and saw a way to move to the next scene. It might have been the. best. feeling. ever.

But then there’s tomorrow, when I will sit down to put my hour’s worth of work in and I realize that that best. feeling. ever. wasn’t so great, and neither was the idea behind it. And I’ll be suddenly and completely convinced that I’ll never be able to finish this novel. And that, worse than that, I’ll never be able to put another good word down on the page…