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Non-writing post ahead.

My body aches. I’ve taken two martial arts classes back-to-back, with a pole-dancing class in between. We are out of aspirin. In order to get it, I have to walk to the store. On my legs. That hurt. A lot. (This isn’t really some sort of odd self punishment, although I’m sure it seems that way. It’s just the way the timing has worked out…)

I leave for Vermont on Friday. It’s cold here in Portland, which is unusual, and my little birdie radar has frozen, feet up, which indicates that it’s going to be even more freezing on the East Coast. It’s one of those work trips, too. A whole day on a plane, two days there, a whole day home. I am considering picking up a Mac Airline Adapter. Anyone used on of these? Do they actually work?

There’s much more travel coming up in February. And March. And April. Mostly in the States, as the Ethiopia trip in February isn’t likely to happen. So, on the docket right now: D.C., Guatemala, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Hawaii…it’s going to be a happenin’ year, I do believe.

Last bit of almost-writing news is classes. I’m teaching genre at The Attic this semester and had my first class last week. All women, which is a first, I think. Smart, readers, asked great questions, seemed ready to write. I’m very excited about it. I teach class two tonight, and we’ll get into some actual writing, which is probably my favorite part. I’m also taking a poetry class right after it. So, teach and learn. Of course, my students are always teaching me too, so it’s more like teach, learn and learn. It’s pretty cool to do that back-to-back, but it’s also a bit overwhelming. But the end of the second class, I’m definitely feeling knackered. [<–yes, I stole that phrase, and I have claimed it as my own].

A writing-oriented post to come soon…