Week 4 it is. Strong you will be.

Yes, master Yoda.

Suckiest of times this is. Stupid you will feel.

Yes, master Yoda.

Write the force. Write it. Write it.

Screw off, master Yoda!


Ok, what can I say? That felt good. It’s good to yell at your ever-calm, ever-positive Masters once in a while, right?

To date: completed draft of three proposals (the three short ones, of course), have half a draft of both of the longer proposals, have 6,000+ words on the novel, and the majority of my freelance work completed.

This week, the plan is to keep up with my daily hourlies. Which are currently:

  • 1 hour creative
  • 1 hour novel
  • 1 hour proposals
  • 3 hours freelance

Plus two hours of “other” (business, meetings, teaching, etc.). It seems to be working.

My hope is that by month’s end, I’ll have 10,000 words on the novel, the final of one of the short proposals out, and at least one of the long proposals ready to go. *crosses her fingers and apologizes to Master Yoda.*