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Not as much done as I would have liked. And that’s putting it mildly. Part of the reason was the need to run errands: a new battery for the laptop and an upgrade to Word 2008 for Mac, a trip to the bank, returning the library books before I leave. Also, I had a hard time settling in today. I think it’s the trip. No matter how often I travel, I have a hard time focusing and staying on schedule in the days right before I leave. Oh well, I figure that I’m not behind per se, I’ll have a number of hours to work on the plane both ways and I’ll technically be working all weekend anyway, so it’s not an entirely bad thing to have some down time today. Right? Right.

Plus the boy is off playing D&D tonight (I think I wasn’t supposed to say that…it’s like his embarresing secret or something), so maybe I can settle in later and get some work done…