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openforbusiness.jpg Lots of things have arrived in my inbox and mailbox recently. Yummy goodness of all sorts. Here it is:

  • An acceptance letter from Tattoo Highway–they’re going to publish my poem, “My Dad Says Yes to the Drugs,” in their upcoming issue.
  • Checks for Yes, Sir, which includes my story, “Running Wild,” [Update, shoot, wrong book! Ack, sorry Rachel]…I believe it was a check for Sex & Candy [will have to check with my accountant–namely, me, and make sure], as well as for J is for Jealousy and K is for Kinky. Plus a check for my story that’s included in Susie Bright’s new book X: An Erotic Treasury.
  • A chance to write up a celebrity dare Laura Corn’s upcoming book.
  • Covers for a bunch of delectable books, including the gorgeous Open For Business, edited by Alison Tyler (includes my story, “Scavenger”).
  • Lastly, I got to see the mock-up of my new logo from the wonderful artist/designer at Lightbourne. Oh my god, I’m joyous! It’s gorgeous.

That’s everything for now. It’s been a good, giddy day…and if I wasn’t so tired from spending all day in a plane, I’d be jumping up and down!