Seen this yet? It’s Google Book Search. And part of me would be jumping up and down to have browseable books online. Except…when I Google Book Search for “Shanna Germain” nearly 30 books come up. Books that have my stories in them. My entire stories. For which I did not give or sell away the electronic rights.

Here’s what some publishers have to say:

As part of what it says is its ongoing effort to improve the quality of Google Book Search, Google began experimenting with a new continuous browsing feature in December. Unlike Google’s traditional searches, which prohibit readers from seeing a string of consecutive pages, the new feature permits a user to scroll through a title page by page until the searchable limit (usually 20% of a book) is reached. According to a Google spokesperson, the goals of continuous browsing are to “better replicate a bookstore browse experience for users, and to increase buy clicks for the books and publishers.” The spokesperson added that Google has talked to “many publishers” about the experiment.

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