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rubbersex-blog.jpgAs promised, the opening of my story, “In a Single Bound,” which has just been accepted for Rachel Kramer Bussel’s collection, Rubber Sex. Enjoy!

In a Single Bound

“I bet I look stupid,” Becca said.

“You look like a super-hero.” Jon wrapped a stick of latex beneath her breasts and stuck it together in the back. The contrast of the black latex against her pale skin, and the way the strips pushed her breasts up, made her breasts look round and full. Still, she wasn’t sure about all the strips of latex that circled her body.

“No super-hero in the history of the world ran around wearing this,” she said.

“Really?” Jon peeled another strip of latex off the roll and tore it with his teeth. Becca caught a glimpse of something flash in his blue eyes–was he laughing at her? “You didn’t read that comic when you were in high school? The one where all the hot super chicks get their suits cut off and then they got bound up with the leftover strips?”

He was laughing at her. The jerk.

“No,” she said. “I think you made that one up in your wild youth.”

“Yeah, me and every other seventeen-year-old on the planet,” he said. “God, I used to dream about this…but I never could decide. Be the villain, just so I could truss a woman up like this? Or be the super-hero, so I could set her free.”

The way his blue eyes looked at her, filled with love and a fair bit of greed—that right there was why she’d agreed to this tape thing. She loved latex almost as much as Jon did. They way it captured her skin, the odd combination of softness and strength. And she knew she had the body for it–curvy, but muscular. High, small boobs. Long legs. Over the years, Jon had bought her a variety of outfits: Latex dresses and corsets that did more than skim her dips and swells, that heightened them, made them super-real. And latex panties. All she had to do was step into a pair–crotchless, backless, a tiny black thong–and she’d be wet in a second. She loved to wear them under regular clothes. Her secret. Hers and Jon’s…

[You can read the rest of the story when the book comes out later this year!]