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Seriously, you want to enter this contest. You do. Even if you don’t know it.

Desdmona rocks. As Adrienne from Erotica Readers says, “The much admired Desdmona is back with another contest. For those not familiar with Desdmona, she hosts the Net’s best erotic story contests. the prizes are generous, the competition is keen, and Desdomna rocks.

Desdmona’s Sex in the Rain 2008 Erotic Story Contest
Deadline: March 31, 2008

You know what they say about April Showers?

Well, we don’t want any of that crap.

It’s time for Desdmona.com’s latest sex story contest, and this one will take place in the rain. It could be one of those warm afternoon drizzles as the sun dips behind a cloud, or it could be an I-can-barely-breathe-through-the-gushing torrents type. But whatever it is, there has to be some of that wet stuff falling out of the sky. And no matter if the story is dark and hard, pelting, painful, wet, and cold or gentle and warm, cleansing, sprinkling, and fresh, it must have hot sizzling sex in it.

We want your original, erotic stories, and we want it to have something to do with the rain. Be sure to keep the word count under our 1000-word umbrella, and drop it off, still wet and dripping.

For the rest of the details, visit Desdmona.com.