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Truth be told, this month did not go at all as planned on the creative front. It started out with a bang, and then kind of died down to a very weak whimper. So quiet you could barely hear it. That’s okay (I tell myself and try to believe it). I put in more than 200 hours of work this month, so it’s not like I was slacking. It’s just that most of it was freelance — 163 hours worth. Ack. This is something that I’ll be working on my whole life, probably, learning how to balance, how to only take on the freelance that I want and need, how to give my creative work the space it deserves.

Still, the novel is farther along that I expected, the proposals are too. I had high hopes at one point that I would shatter all my creative goals for the month, and that early progress is what has allowed me to at least meet my goals. Grateful for small favors.

Onward. It’s a new month, with new goals. Coming soon. I think the first one is going to be something about play/life balance…