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bestlesbianerotica08.jpgTwo anthologies that include my stories were recently reviewed at Erotica Readers and Writers. Wee! As much as bad reviews bum me out, good reviews make me feel like I can write anything!

First up is a review of Best Lesbian Erotica 2008 by Donna George Storey, where she kindly mentions my piece.

I enjoyed Shanna Germain’s “Native Tongue” even more this time than I did in Alison Tyler’s E is for Exotic. Smart, literate and sexy, it’s the perfect example of a story that offers more. The narrator, a professional translator, longs to escape words, thought, cognition for the pure sensation and sensuality she finds in a lover who cannot speak any of the many languages she’s mastered for her work. In this story words don’t always bring you closer—in spite of what therapists may tell you—but ironically it is Germain’s sharp and eloquent prose that brings as much pleasure as the masterful eroticism.

Storey also perfectly captured my favorite story in the book–The Stormchasers, by Peggy Munson. Man, can Munson weave a tale!

Also, Ashley Lister reviewed Rachel Kramer Bussel’s collection, Sex & Candy, and had this to say about my story:

Shanna Germain’s exquisitely passionate “Kneading” is the story of two women and one bakery. Shanna Germain’s characters are separate ingredients at first. But, as the story progresses, they mix slowly and comfortably together in this rich and well-blended narrative.

Reviews can be tricky to read. You never know what someone’s going to think of your story. But I do find that they can also lead you to discover more about yourself as a writer. I laughed out load to read the bit above about ingredients–it’s absolutely true, and yet it’s something about the story that rose from some subconscious place, and I never would have seen it by myself.