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I figure since I brag so heavily and publicly and–*cough* obnoxiously–when I get work accepted and published, it’s only fair that I also lament publicly when things get rejected. Got an email rejection yesterday for one of my favorite sci-fi stories that I’ve written. It was a nice letter–“It’s an interesting, well-written story, but it isn’t quite what we’re looking for.“–but that doesn’t lessen the sting. Bugger.

Well, I’m stealing Dayle’s philosophy and have already sent the story back out. So there! *sticks tongue at at….uh…herself*

I find sci-fi a frustrating field in some ways. Most of the times, my sci-fi stories get good marks from my crit groups, but they have a hard time finding good homes. They’re like that cute puppy that everyone awws over, but no one wants to adopt. *Lifts the story’s tail to check for fleas*

On an almost related note, last night’s genre class was great. I LOVE teaching–especially at that point like last night when all the talking’s over, and people are writing and reading their work, and there’s all this nervous excitement in the air. It’s the best. We were also talking about genre, about writing it, why some are harder than others. We looked at three erotic stories–one more on the stroke side, one erotic paranormal, one super-real lit erotica–and looked at how they worked and how they didn’t. Talked about POV, slip stream, writing process and more. I learn so much from their questions and get so inspired by their enthusiasm…