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dscf4914.jpgA couple of fun pictures courtesy of Gina D. from yesterday’s studio time. We really did have as much fun as we look like we’re having. We gabbed for nearly an hour, and it sounds like they’re going to cut it into about fifteen minutes, which should be just long enough to make me sound smart! The event should be available online sometime in the next couple of months. I’ll point you to it when it arrives. dscf4909.jpg

Beyond that, I read again tonight at Barnes & Nobles. Poems this time, I think. I’m not sure what yet. I’ll have to dig into the treasure chest of work that’s on my computer and see what pieces feel good at the moment.

And then, days and days where I can buckle down and get some work done. *Fingers crossed* I do love travel and readings and all of these amazing people who share my life, but I am seriously missing the solitude of writing these days. I’m reading voraciously, at least, which has to be doing my creativity some good. While on the road, I devoured Stephen King’s new book Duma Key, got most of the way through Best of the Best American Erotica 2008 and started a re-read of The Golden Compass Trilogy. It’s nice to slip back into the genre world as a reader, and to be reminded of why I love great writers–and great books–so very much.