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Fight. like. hell. for. the. living.
–Susie Bright, six-word story in the new book, Not Quite What I Was Planning

And here we go. Back to the words. Thank goodness. Writing is my escape, my other lover, my joy, my offspring and my anti-depressant. That’s a lot to ask from a single thing, I realize. But so far, it is all of those things and more.

Good news from the glove box, as I like to say:

  • Two short stories accepted for a long bit off in the future
  • An upcoming poem that I just proofed, which will be published in Tattoo Highway soon
  • A big project that got a yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
  • A little project that got a yes

Granted, I realize that’s all publishing news. I’ve got writing news–what I’m working on, what’s dragging, what’s running full-bore and what’s making me wish I could visit Italy again–but you’ll have to wait for it. Sorry. My weekend has arrived (as of 6 pm on Saturday evening) and I’m off to make the most of it. May you have gorgeous weather, breakfast in bed and whatever else your mind and heart can think of to desire.