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It’s sunny here today. I wasn’t kidding that spring has landed on my doorstep. The sun is doing that slant-dance through my office windows, the cat does pineapple-upside-down-cat on the mat, the dust rises off my laptop screen into the lit air.

And here I am, thinking about rain. Why? Because I spent the morning working on a rain story for Des’s Sexy in the Rain Contest (link not work-safe for most people…but you already clicked it, didn’t you?). This is how I write (taken word-for-word from my notebook and thought process this morning):

Ok, so rain. It’s been done. Sex in a rainstorm. Sex in the carwash. Under the eaves. Inside while it rains outside. Sprinkler. Not really rain. Does that matter?

[Goes and checks the guidelines again]

Okay, so it has to be real rain. Not man-made. So, how do to it differently. What else is there in rain? Mud. Mud-slinging. Mud wrestling. Gardening. Rain coat. Flasher. Oh. Flasher in a rain coat. Also, southern rain. Warm. Versus…what…everywhere else rain. Oh, okay, wait…there’s an idea. Oh, wait, it’s long. How many words do I have?

[Guideline check]

Aw, crap. Only 1,000 words. Well, that’s a story for something else then. Now, what can I say about sex in the rain for under 1,000 words…?

[Goes off to look up “rain” and “sexy” in YouTube. Finds very little. Adds Indian Babu to Netflix account, as it appears to have a solid rainy sex scene.]

Hmmm…who would I like to be naked in the rain with. Not that silly Spiderman kiss, although I like him. Is there a scene from Secretary in the rain? Only when she goes into his office for the first time. Still, that’s pretty good. Have I ever found rain sexy myself…

And so on. Probably too much information. But there it is; the way my brain operates when I’m trying to write. Rain on the brain. Yep.

islandgirls.jpgBut that’s not just because of what I’m writing right now. It’s also because of this cover of Island Girls: Tropical Lesbian Erotica, an upcoming collection by Alyson Books. Isn’t it gorgeous? I just got the yes today from the editor on my Cinque Terre-inspired story of wine and the Italian Walk of Love. (And thanks go to Nikki, for her perfect first-reader edits in this story). Hurray for sexy, curvy women getting it on under the Tuscan sun!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled rain program…