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…and the winner of the February drawing, as drawn by the random number generator is: #1. Also known as Sommer. Sommer, sommer, sommer, send me your addy do. And I think you want the hot gay men, yes?

j_is_for_jealousy.jpgSo, what shall we give away this month, ladies and gentlemen? How about, in the honor of it being St. Patty’s Day in the next few weeks, I offer up a signed copy of J is for Jealousy? This beautiful book is part of Alison Tyler’s Amazing Alphabet Series (yes, you say it just like that, all in caps) and it includes green-eyed stories by writers like Nikki Magennis, Cheyenne Blue, Thomas S. Roche, Erastes, Gwen Masters, Jeremy Edwards, Kristina Lloyd and many, many more kick-ass authors.

Want it? You know you do…and just think how very, very cat-scratching jealous you’ll feel if someone else wins. So, post a comment below and maybe you will get very, very lucky this month…