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Out on the Town: A few nights ago, a gaggle of girls from my pole-dancing class and I headed off to Casa Diablo (no relation to Diablo Cody, by the way…or at least, I don’t think so). Casa Diablo is Portland (and possibly the country’s, although don’t quote me on that) only vegan strip club. It was quite an event–the main stripper, Natashia, took us all under her wing, invited those who wanted to to share her stage, and showed us a whole slew of moves and broke out her crop, collar and leash. She was fantabulous. The girls who went on made some money (which we returned to Natashia at the end of the night by way of tips), had an amazing time and looked drop-dead. It’s one of those moments where you go: oh, right, we aren’t all supposed to look the same. Variety, and having ass-ets that are all yours, is such a beautiful thing.

In My Kitchen: I made the most exuisite and spiciest mushroom chili ever. It’s very yummy, but I think I might have overdone the spices. Let’s see: cumin seeds, mustard seeds, coriander, peppers in adobe sauce and chili powder. Yep. That’s gonna burn… Recipe available, but don’t come crying back to me when your throat catches on fire.

In My Mailbox: A most beautiful collection of poetry sent by the amazing Nikki, a card from Susie Bright after her visit here in Portland and a most sweet card from Sage, printed versions of my gorgeous new business cards, Haitian coffee from Barrington Coffee Company. What hasn’t arrived: My Obama shirts. Still. Damn.

In My Ears & Eyes: The new Jack Johnson CD, Brooklyn Noir, Door in the Mountain, Best American Poetry 2008, Beowolf, Lost, Breaking Bad, pictures of a friend’s new baby, sunshine on my back porch, friends and fellow writers here for a sunny, coffee-filled afternoon.