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spring_by_tripleheart.jpgI love April. Month of the Trickster. Sometimes, month of the Easter Bunny. Usually, month of spring. Occasionally, the month of April showers. Always, month of my birth day. And, truly, who can not love a month that brings with it the possibility of Saran-wrapped toilets, chocolate eggs, marshmallow peeps, daffodils, warm rainstorms—and me!

The postman showed up at my door yesterday bearing a package from my family–which he handed me with glee. “Happy birthday!” he said, and then raised his head to the sky and howled for me. I laughed, a bit shocked, but then looked at the package to realize my mom had written “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!” on the side about a million miles high. I like our mailman–he brings me paychecks and acceptances and rejections and smut books and sex toys to review, and he never bats an eye. And then, yesterday, his delightful wolf howl, which made me giggle all day long.

Opened the new semester of teaching last night as well. It got off to an oddly rocky start, maybe for the first time ever. Only five of the ten students showed up, one thought the class started at 6:30 instead of 6, and there was a key commotion in the hallway that lasted…oh, about forever. Once we moved past that, though, things seemed to smooth out. It looks like I’ll have eight students (two emailed to say they couldn’t make it to the first class, but should be there next week). Two of the students took class with me last semester as well, which I love. They’re both talented and smart, and I’m going to see if I can push them just a bit more (heh). The others strike me as being bright, interested in writing and, my guess is, talented. Just a bit stuck at the moment. That always makes for a great class, so I’m looking forward to it.

The writing is smoothing out as well. It’s been a hell of a year, for those who are keeping track, and I think in many ways my brain has been waiting for some corner, or twist in the road, or curve…or something. Some turn to take to come back to its normal speed. I’ve been writing all along, but it feels half-assed and a little forced, and that’s not the way that I liked to do it. I think (hope–as Alison Tyler and her gorgeous rings say, “Knock wood, throw salt”) that April might be the corner my brain has been waiting for. Yesterday, finished up my April showers story and sent it off. Very dust-bowl era. We’ll see what they think of it. Working on many, many pieces…think that later today, I’m going to steal Sommer’s idea of throwing up the photos that I’m working from, so you can get a bit of a glimpse into my scary-scary writing brain.

Off..I have boys in a red truck calling my name, as well as someone sitting in a library sipping absinthe. And, last night, I heard a voice from far off–a man whose story I need to tell, but who I’ve been avoiding, because it’s going to hurt a bit to put him on the page…It’ll be a sad-sad day if ever my characters stop talking to me…

Best, s.

P.S.–most joyous photo from this artist.