What I loved about turning 36:

  • All the notes, cards, nice words, gifties and joy sent my way by friends, family and loved ones. Nothing like ail_430xn19677488.jpg birthday to remind you that you’re well loved and even liked just a little bit!
  • The way that my parents call every year and leave a happy birthday song on my voice mail.
  • Dinner at Nostrana’s. Mushrooms and cheese. Pretty cocktails. Rare steak on arugula. Chocolate for dinner. Yummm.
  • Hitting Spartacus Leathers after. Realizing that everything in the store was 10 percent off. Getting an extra discount when I mentioned being an erotica writer.
  • Going home with goodies…and realizing that 36 is not as old when I’m mostly naked…[fade to black]
  • shanna.jpgWaking up the morning after turning 36 and shooting a just-rolled-out-of-bed in my sexy new shirt photo (gotta’ read it backwards, because I was too still-asleep to think about such things)
  • Coming home after a long day of work to find a goodie on my doorstep–a floating shift necklace from Miss AT.
  • Packing at the moment, so I can run off to the beach for three days of nothing but creative people, yummy food and wine and poetry!

See you all on Monday!

Bestest, s.