…but you knew that, didn’t you?

Dirty Girls, the new collection from Seal Press, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, is out. And, holy shit, it’s hot. It starts out with Marie Lyn Bernard’s awesome story, Fucking Around, and ends with my piece, “Until It’s Gone.” I’ve been drooling over the cover forever–yum!–and am making my way through the book slowly, story by story. It’s gorgeous in all kinds of ways.

Chelsea Girl, over at Pretty Dumb Things, has a solid review of the book, and has this to say about it:

Beyond the simple premise, the book is a great, big heaving mass of prose that, like the best of burlesque shows, comes in a wide array of shapes, sizes, sexual proclivities and aesthetic styles. It’s like an erotic smorgasbord; there’s going to be some dish that will appeal to you, whether it’s the earthiness of Tsaurah Litzky’s coke-sniffing, bathroom-humping waitresses; the biliotaphic, ecdysiast fantasies of Carol Queens’ virgin girl’s day out to the Lusty Lady; the oneiric poetry of an older artist and a younger man of Suki Bishop; or Allison Tyler’s sly exploration of the pleasure of being a putative “good girl.”

My favorite piece is Shanna Germain’s “Until It’s Gone.” I like my erotica to work in many senses—and Germaine’s story evokes the garlicky sizzle of cooking, the cow-shit scent of leather, the salty somatic push and pull of sexual release, and the bittersweet twang of lost love. It’s just a pretty-ass piece of writing; it’s also terribly hott-making.

What did I tell you? Dirty, naughty, hott-making…this is one of those books that I’m damn proud to be a part of. You can can call me a Dirty Girl anytime…