One of the things that I love about writing: even when you’re running around on the road, acceptances and rejections roll in. Here’s what’s news:

  • Working with the glorious Susie Bright, who edited the shit out of my most recent story for her, and did it in that way that makes me both envious (of her skill) and grateful (for her skill). I read the story after she’s taken hold of it, and it’s so different, so much better and sharper. It leaves me with that inhale of breathe and that shaky feeling in my stomach that comes when I read good work. I wish all editors were that willing to help their authors be better, and had the insight and experience to do it well. It’s a true and rare skill, and it’s just one of the reasons that I adore Susie so very much.
  • Got a yes for my hardcore freaky deaky sci fi story, “Seeing Stars,” for the very cool yearly anthology, “Triangulation,” published by PARSEC Ink, the publishing wing of the PARSEC science-fiction association in Pittsburgh. Yah! I love getting sci-fi pieces accepted for cool publications like this–especially because this story is my usual off-the-wall bit. It includes auto-asphyxiation, chopper medics and sex (I know–you’re shocked, right?). In addition, the main editor had some really nice suggestions and changes for my story. I’m two for two this week with awesome editors!
  • The lovely Shane Allison has accepted my story, “Stuck,” for his hot fireman collection, Backdraft, published by Cleis Press. The collection also includes writers like Alana Noel Voth, Simon Shepard, Rachel Kramer Bussel and others.

That’s all for now. Back to the grind. Grind, grind, grind…