I’m without Internet access this week for the most part (partly on purpose–I needed a break–and partly by accident–they’re doing some work on the ISP connection near my house), so I’m slow to answer emails, read blogs, and generally feel connected to the world. The only place I can get a connection is at the coffee shop and there’s something slightly wonderful and freeing about that. Well, except for the fact that it might be world’s slowest connection, thus it takes forever to get anything done.

Still, the writing news trickles in, much of it difficult to hear. I talk with other writers (and my students) a lot about rejection. How to deal with it, how to keep going despite it, how to not let it drag you down. But it’s never easy. Ever.

So, here is my good and bad news:

  • Some poems rejected from 54th Parallel and other places. Bummer, but not unexpected. I was aiming high.
  • Two stories rejected as well. Damn. Like I said, a bit of a tough week.
  • The good news? Two stories accepted for the new oral sex anthologies–Tasting Him and Tasting Her–edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. Yummy covers, yummy line-ups of stories and authors. Should be beautiful books.
  • Also, a contract from Susie Bright for her new Gothic Erotic collection. Oh, hell yeah. I know, I gush about her all the time. She’s smart and forthright and, well, just damn, I want to be her when I grow up.

So, it’s a holiday weekend. I’m going to turn off my computer, go out in the garden, take out the bike, cook something yummy, spend time with family and friends, and find my head again. I’m sure it’s around here somewhere.