Alison Tyler sure knows how to get what she wants…and lately she’s wanted panties. Or pictures of her friend’s panties. Or pictures of her friends in their panties. Or, well, she doesn’t seem to care as long as panties are involved. I kept promising her a picture for the panty roll on her blog. I took a picture of me in my favorite thong. Didn’t send it.

Alison called. She started sending me emails that said, “Where are your panties?” Only in all caps. Like she was yelling. I didn’t send it.

Then, she made promises. “Come on, send it. No one will know it’s you. I’ll make them guess. It will be fun.”

I’m a sucker. I sent it. How did everyone know it was me?


p.s. But look at this! I am immortalized on a Post-It note! *swoons*