They say that the thing you want is right in front of you, if only you know where to look. But there’s the rub: how do you know where to look when you don’t know what you want? Or worse, when you know what you want, but can’t have it? Where do you look then?

I thought I couldn’t have what I wanted, but what did I know—I was looking at the wrong thing. I was looking at my own face in the mirror, lining my blue eyes, putting on coral lipstick, brushing my light brown hair back off my face. I was looking at Sun’s dark eyes beneath her darker brows and the way her teeth showed, small and white as Chiclets, when she smiled. I was looking at her curves beneath her wrap-around skirt while she poured our chai. I was looking at the tapestries on Sun’s walls, the fabrics she’d brought back from Singapore.

That’s the opening section of my short story, “Finding My Feet,” which I just found out has been accepted for publication in Best Lesbian Romance 2009! This is one of the most fun stories that I wrote last year, and I’m delighted that it found such an amazing home. So, to add to my list of “what’s sexy now,” I say: acceptances like this. Stories that speak to someone. Editors who say yes.

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