Wow. I’m picking my head up, looking around. Suddenly it’s July. Not just July, but mid-July. Lots of news between now and then. Rejections, of course. Acceptances. Contributor copies of Best Gay Bondage 2008 as well as other books.

For starters, here’s the lovely Frenzy: 60 Stories of Sudden Sex, the new collection of short shorts edited by Alison Tyler (Cleis Press)

Also, a couple of reviews that are out there in the world as well had very nice things to say about my writing.

From Erotica Revealed, their review of Best Gay Bondage 2008:

My favorite tale in this collection is Shanna Germain’s “And Serpent Becomes Rod”. (I notice that Ms. Germain has received top kudos in several of my recent reviews.) The protagonist in this story, a wealthy submissive so jaded that he has become impotent, treks through the jungle to the summit of a volcano in order to meet the shaman-master whom he hopes will cure him. The shaman lives in a shack lit by hundreds of candles and inhabited by dozens of snakes. The snakes bind the man while the master takes him and makes him new.

When he stepped back, I tried to follow. The snakes held me there with a raised head, the slip of a tail along the curve of my balls. Everything drew up tight. Still. I bowed my head as much as I could without losing my breath. I waited for the man that I knew would save me.

Something flickered at the crack of my ass. Snake tongue? Man tongue? I moaned, low in my throat.

The story is vivid, intensely physical, and unrelentingly arousing. What impressed me, though (other than the creative notion of using snakes as bonds) was the clear connection between sex and spirit. This acknowledgment that bondage might mean something, might be something beyond a mechanism of arousal, is missing in most of the tales in this collection.
Wow, just… wow! -bounces up and down-

Also a couple of nice mentions over at Erotica Readers, for Best Gay Romance and Yes, Sir.

Lovely news, all. And, now, back to writing! Again…