The year I turned twenty, I read a poem about how true love flies in on angel wings. I didn’t believe in angels, but I believed in poetry and I was desperate for love, so I took to watching out my kitchen window, listening for the whisper of feathers against the panes. June and July, I looked for girls who thought they could leap from rooftops, recited poems to every chick who was so pale I swore I could see through her, finger-fucked women until they hollered about God in heaven. I hadn’t found anyone who resembled what I thought love should look like, and I figured I’d made my way through at least half the summer beach crowd and most of the regulars.

But, as it turned out, the poem was wrong. My love clomped in on snowshoes in the middle of the hottest, driest August my twenty years had ever known. She had a golden braid down her back, and eyes that could have fought the sky for the title of True Blue and won. Her snowshoes were the old kind—wooden frames on the outside, and on the inside, ropes woven like giant spider webs that had caught her tiny bare feet.

This is the opening of my short story, “On Snow-White Wings,” which just made the cut for the 2009 edition of Best Lesbian Erotica, edited by Tristan Taormino and Joan Larkin. This is my second year in a row to be included, so I’m delighted and honored.

I think the cover rocks–love the hair!– and the table of contents is as outstanding as you might expect it to be:
The Virgin of G Jean Casse
The Diner on the Corner Zaedryn Meade
Operation Butch Ambush Tawanna Sullivan
Bait and Switch Nairne Holtz
Park Sex Jessica Swafford
Spike Jodi Payne
Punk Love Victoria Gimpelevich
Lipstick on Her Collar Sacchi Green
Dream Date Radclyffe
On Snow-White Wings Shanna Germain
Tough Enough to Wear a Dress Teresa Noelle Roberts
A Night at the Opera Evan Mora
Please (Act III) Linda Suzuki
Hard to Get Rachel Kramer Bussel
Waiting Dylynn DeSaint
The Placement of Modifiers Jean Roberta
Velvet by Lisabet Sarai
Stuck at Work and Late for a Date Chelsea G. Summers
Bandanna Kiss by Moxzi Lantana
Flipping the Script D. Alexandria
The Breaking Point Lucinda L. Flanary
The Christmas Gift Thea Leticia
Blade, Ink, Steel Sharon Wachsler
Beneath the Carpet is the Floor Anna Watson

Woot! Okay, my writing mistress calls. She’s grumpy and carries a big whip, so I’m going back to her. Right now…