No cover for this pretty baby yet, but a TOC filled with great authors and, I’m sure, amazing stories. This is my first run in Best Lesbian Romance, although I think I’ve submitted stuff for the past two years or so and gotten rejected. So, just a reminder that there is always hope, if you just keep writing and sending things off.

Do you ever look at someone else’s title and think, “Man, I wish that was mine”? I did that with some of these titles: Sugar on Snow. Place, Park, Scene, Dark. And even the simple but sharp, Cuts and Eyes. Well, if I can’t steal the titles, at least I can use them for jump-off points. Let’s do a contest, shall we? Write me something short and sweet based on one of the titles below and put it in the comments. I’ll draw a winner and you can have a copy of whatever book of mine you like… What say you? Come on, don’t be scared… you know you wanna!

Femme Fatale: 1992                                                                Kathie Bergquist
Christmas Blizzard                                                                     Teresa Noelle Roberts
The Usual                                                                                     KI Thompson
Last Call                                                                                         Karin Kallmaker
Finding My Feet                                                                        Shanna Germain
In Flight                                                                                         Andrea Dale
Krispin                                                                                           Rakelle Valencia
Eyes                                                                                                Maggie Kinsella
Hide                                                                                                Alison Tyler
Unbuttoning                                                                               Kay Jaybee
Sand Castle Queen                                                                   Rachel Kramer Bussel
Cuts                                                                                                Shannon Dargue
Absinthe                                                                                       Jennifer Fulton
In Your Pocket                                                                            Evan Mora
Purple Thumb                                                                            Catherine Lundoff
A Ghost of a Chance                                                                Ariel Graham
The Traveler                                                                                Olivia Presley
Sugar on Snow                                                                           Sacchi Green
Mélange                                                                                       Allison Wonderland
Place, Park, Scene, Dark                                                         Elspeth Potter
Music on the Wind                                                                   Radclyffe

PS – Pretty, pretty picture by sauco-m