Yep, if you can believe it, the answer to that title is not Eminem. But, rather: Me in me. Woot. Aren’t you delighted? I know I am. I’ve missed writing blogs, reading blogs, pinging comments, keeping in touch, lamenting about rejections, bragging about acceptances and all of the other things that one can enjoy in blogland.

Let’s say this: It’s been a long, hard year. In all kinds of ways. But I’m done sinking. It’s not glass or ice over my head; only water. Easy enough to break through. Take a breath. Return to my dark depths temporarily. Rise again. It’s been a year filled with water, murk, muck, moss, nothing dry or parched, only this overdone wet.

I’m making my own heat, sunshine, laying my body down against this hot rock. Feel my heart beat slow down, pulse and press, warm again beneath my skin.