Couple of hot, hot, hot reviews of the recent anthology, Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica, edited by Rachel Kramer Busseel.

The Good, The Bad, The Unread gave the collection a position review and had this to say about my story, “Perfect Bound”

This is the story of a bookstore owner and the young men she collects. The tale of a tightly wound woman who happens to have some special uses for typewriter ribbon is really seductively written. The quiet surrender of Stephan to her special bondage was lovely.

And, Clean Sheets one of my fave web sites ever (yes, yes, I’m biased, I know), also gave the book an awesome review, with kudos to amazing authors like Alison Tyler, Donna George Storey, and Sage Vivant. The little blurb about my story just about made me squee with joy as well:

Aforesaid by-the-book chastisement occurs in the volume’s most elegantly literary offering, Shanna Germain’s “Perfect Bound.” A model of Victorian propriety, her erotic bookstore owner dresses like Harriet Marwood and offers a work-for-spanks program to trembling young men who dream of her firm hand raining down upon their virgin nether cheeks: “I can tell by the way they move their eyes toward me, then away, like I’m just another book on the shelf. I’ve seen boys look at porn with the same denial of fervor.” Germain’s droll, witty style harmonizes perfectly with her heroine, who has an unusual fetish for typewriter ribbon (please Google it if this is an unfamiliar term).

God I love great reviews. Almost as much as I hate bad ones. I’ll admit: I spend my life writing because I don’t know what else to do, but part of what drives me is being recognized by both readers and my peers. I -like- knowing that I move people somehow, or give them something that reverberates, or even just makes them wet. Of course, my goal is always to turn on both body and mind, and nothing brings me more joy than knowing I might have pulled that off.