…where I’ve been, other than buried in the sand. It wouldn’t be such a bad place to be, except that I’ve got bits of dirt in my teeth and crabs snapping their pointy claw at my ass. On the other hand, my inbox is empty for the first time in months, my classes are coming along rather well (I love my students, can I just say that?), work is…busy…as always, friends have babies and new puppies and hot books out, Scotland is in my future and…I’m sure there are other things happening, as there always are. Things which need my attention.

In the meantime, here are a few new things to read:

First, my poem, Antibodies, in Pulse magazine. You know, as a writer, I feel like I often get it wrong. I don’t find the right words, or I don’t tell the emotional truth that I’m trying to. But sometimes, I actually think I got it right, or almost right. As right as I can make it. This poem is one of the few pieces I feel that way about.

The other piece is my lesbian threesome story, “Working out the Kinks,” over at Oysters & Chocolate. Little bit of fun for those of you who could use three sexy women, a massage and an overbearing boss to brighten your day.

And, yes, one of these days, I will stop being a bad blogger. Someone just needs to spank me out of this current phase…