il_430xn42066516 Here they are. More than enough ways to keep a girl busy, no? What more could one ask for from their days than the seven not-so-deadly sins?

  • Sloth: Myself, wrapped in blankets in front of the fire for a few hours on Tuesday, doing nothing but IMing with friends and listening to music.
  • Wrath: Measure 8. Enough said.
  • Pride: A number of great writers I know are doing NaNoWriMo right now, partly due to my encouragement. Yep, I’m proud of that.
  • Gluttony: Really good dark chocolate with ginger.
  • Envy: Those with thunderstorms in their life.
  • Greed: Time. I want more and more time to do all the things I want with my days, with my life.
  • Lust: Well, this one’s hardly necessary to explain, is it? Okay, okay, since I know you want to know. I’m lusting after a million things. Sex in the rain. Getting bent over my big oak desk. The feel of vinyl wrapped along my curves. A soft leather collar with silver buckles. Someone’s hands that I don’t know pressing hard along the curves of my body.

What are YOUR Seven Delightful Sins at the moment? Or even just one?

PS. Gorgeous cups by TrixieDelicious. Idea blatantly stolen from the equally Delicious Alison Tyler. And, yes, I want the masochist plate. Yes I do.