I mentioned a while back that my darling and amazing writer friend, Gina Daggett and I did a podcast for Writers Dojo, a very cool writing/reading/lit community space here in Portland. Well, the podcast has finally arrived for public consumption. Go, check it out. It’s about 20 minutes of us gabbing about writing.

Or, as the intro says:

Earlier this year we were proud to connect with Shanna Germain and Gina Daggett, two of our favorite local writers. They chat about Nervy Girl, Lipstick & Dipstick, the writing life, and coming out of the literary closet.

I have a friend who says my voice sounds like “sex and chocolate.” I’m not sure that’s true on this particular podcast — I had a cold, if I remember correctly, and Gina makes me laugh my ass off, so there’s a lot of my loud, obnoxious laughter — but Gina’s voice surely has that quality to it. So have a listen just for that, if nothing else.

Once you’re done listening to us, be sure to check out the rest of the Writers Dojo magazine. It’s a really well done look at writers and writing.