I love snow. And lights. And a bit of spiced egg nog by the fireplace. And those cookies that you don’t eat anytime of year except for December. The holidays bring red leather cuffs against snow-white sheets and sexy stockings on pale legs and black leather boots that are just perfect to wrap around someone’s neck or back… They bring Christmas light bondage and fresh starts and sexy thongs stuffed in stockings.

It’s been a long, hard year (and not in a good way). But it’s nearly over, there’s a light out there (or maybe it’s just the reflection off Oregon’s four feet of snow), and I feel the earth shifting, getting ready to turn over.

Whatever kind of year you had, whatever kind of holidays you celebrate, whatever kind of year you hope for in 2009, may your holidays and new year be filled with all the things that truly matter most: love, passion, care, comfort, wellness, family and friends, work that sustains and fullfills you, pleasure, joy. Lots and lots and lots of joy.

Merry holidays all! And a joyous, delicious, healthy, passionate New Year!

PS — It’s not too late to enter the Stuff Yerself Contest and get your chance to win free books for the holidays and the new year! I’m going to draw one book tonight on Christmas eve, and the others on New Year’s Eve. So, light my fire, baby! I’m loving all the comments I have, but I’m a greedy hedonist. I want more more more! It’s easy — just go here and tell me your favorite hot holiday fantasy, experience, story, novel, dream, what-have-you. And before you know it, you may just be cracking the covers of some hot hot hot erotica of your own for the holidays.