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My post-holiday grab-bag of things a-happening (also known as: It’s time to clean up my inbox and my to-do list, so here’s where everything lands):

  • Got contributor copies of Best Gay Romance 2009 and Best Lesbian Romance 2009. Such yummy, pretty pretty books filled with hot and sexy stories. I’m always so proud to be included in the Best of Collections with authors like Alison Tyler, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Andrea Dale, Maggie Kinsella, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Sacchi Green and so many more.
  • A pretty cool review of my story, “Seeing Stars,” (from the Taking Flight anthology) at The Future Fire, which always makes me a giddy girl:

Perhaps the most challenging and even shocking story in this collection is ‘Seeing Stars’ by Shanna Germain, an intense and graphic depiction of the practice of autoerotic asphyxia. The narrator is a medical professional who offers the service of making sure that her clients do not accidentally kill themselves by strangling, hanging, or suffocating themselves while masturbating. This story manages to be sensitive, erotic, non-judgemental, and deeply disturbing at the same time. A very impressive achievement.

  • I’m still giving away free books. The first two winners have been drawn. Enter to win for the New Year’s Eve drawing. It’s so simple. How could you not? Even if you don’t want a book yourself (no, I know that makes no sense, but I’m saying it anyway), you can always give it away to a friend, family member (!), loved one, hated one. Whoever.
  • I’m setting goals for 2009. Are you?
  • Also, every year, I try to donate somewhere. Sometimes by buying gifts for others — I bought my family a llama through Heifer International one year; other times by giving money to something I believe in. Usually, it’s the environment or Planned Parenthood or the ACLU. This year, it was to the Girl Effect Fund. Something about the hope and promise of their goal really struck a chord with me. I love feeling good for doing good.

In case I don’t get back here between now and New Year’s Eve, have a joyous, delightful, wonderful post-holiday week, and may 2009 bring you all the things you love the best and crave the most.

XO, s.