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Couple of lovely review this week that I thought I’d share.

This first looks at Richard Labonte’s new collection, Best Gay Romance. The review has great things to say in general about the book, and praises quite a few stories, including a few of the ones that I loved as well. It also has this to stay about my piece (which, for the record, is not likely the only story in the book written by a female author, just the only one who doesn’t use a male psuedonym)

There’s even a story written by a woman, Shanna Germain, whose “What We Leave Behind” blends heartache with erotic sparks: they say it’s hard for men to write well from a woman’s perspective, and it’s equally true the other way around, but Germain pulls it off.

And then there’s this wonderful review of Alison Tyler’s collection of short-shorts, Frenzy, which has this to say about my short piece:

“Appetite” by Shanna Germain captures the pleasures of post-modern excess as the heroine embraces a new obsession with sex for her previous lust for carbs.  Such an excess of riches in a starving world, eh?

Kiss kiss, bang bang, s.

PS – Beautiful shot, titled “In Praise of the Lower Back,” by mjranum.