For those of you who want to create and tell fairy tales your way or as you think they should be (like Bri, who I totally agree with when she deconstructs the gender roles that are inherent in these stories), here’s your chance:

New Fairy Tales, a UK-based magazine, is looking for stories of original fairy tales. From the web site:

We are looking for original fairy tales, in traditional short story format (max 2500 words) and in other formats such as poetry, flash fiction and comic strip. We are also looking for illustrations that are inspired by fairy tales and for illustrators who are up for the challenge of working to a very tight deadline to produce illustrations for the chosen stories.

Please note that although we welcome works inspired by a love of traditional tales we are not looking for retellings or reimaginings. New Fairy Tales is working to promote the writing of a generation of new original fairy tales.

Full guidelines are here. I see stories about men biting the apple-flavored candy, she-wolves haunting the shopping mall, glittery gems falling from the mouths of the bad girl instead of the good one…

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.

PS – Another image, haunting and still. Today’s is from this artist.