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I must be in a gambling, gamboling, gimbling mood. I’m working on stories, as many as a deck of cards. As varied. Some winners. Some, as always, losers. But here are the ones I’m kissing this week, the ones I’m blowing on, the ones I’m betting on to bring in the money:

Turn over the one-eyed Jack and there: a story of Euchre and art class and dark rooms.

Turn over the queen with her sword: a boy on a bus, capturing, capturing.

Next card: A man fishing with his fingers, catching more than he expects.

One more: Time, ticking. An OCD affair. Wild horses that you only see on Sundays.

The nine of diamonds: A heart-shaped bite out of a shiny red apple. Fake or real. A hand print on a round globe of skin.

There’s a whole deck here. Story after story. Another character waiting to be turned over and brought to life.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s

In a bet there is a fool and a thief.  ~Proverb

PS – Fun and funky image by stupidgrrrl03.