Join Us for a Sensual and Provocative Progressive Dinner ala Blog

Come join us for a sensual feast to celebrate the new year of hope, promise, and delicious pleasures of every flavor. Each day a new erotica-writing blogger will be your host for one sumptuous course, providing recipes, entertainment and scintillating discussion topics. Best of all, dinners ala blog are known to expand your mind, but not your waistline. The festivities begin on Sunday, January 25.  Come to one, come to all—you deserve a little indulgence!

Sunday January 25–Amuse-bouche
Host: Craig Sorensen

Monday January 26—Appetizer
Host: Shanna Germain

Wednesday January 28–Soup
Hosts: Helia Brookes and Jeremy Edwards

Thursday January 29—Fish
Host: Neve Black

Friday January 30–Meat Entrée
Host: Kirsten Monroe

Saturday, January 31–Vegetarian entrée
Host: Donna George Storey

Monday, February 2–Salad
Host: Emerald

Tuesday, February 3—Dessert
Host: Sommer Marsden

Wednesday, February 4–Petit Fours and truffles
Host: Nikki Magennis