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…”bite me”…

of course he did.


I’m working on my vampire story. And my kelpie novel.

Vampires are damn overdone, aren’t they? It’s hard to find a vampire story that hasn’t been told, at least a million times. The earliest vamp stories, then Anne Rice and Stephen King. The Lost Boys. Bite Me: A Love Story. Now Twilight and True Blood. Danger, romance, blood and sex. Eternal life. Souls. Stakes and daggers. “Let me in.”  The best new take I’ve seen in years came via the movie, “Let the Right One In,” which I saw a few months back and which rings with me each time I think about vampires.

Still, the story’s coming along, although slowly. My protagonist is… different. And dark. Although my instinct is to write funny, for some reason, that’s not what the anthology calls for, so the funny one is sitting in my “Eventual” file on my desktop, waiting until I have the time to finish it.

The kelpie is easier. Underdone, maybe. Or at least as far as I’ve seen it. I send the_each_uisge_by_cearapages every day to my wonderful and awesome first seer. I won’t call her first reader, because I’m not asking her to read the work, just to make sure it shows up in her inbox. So far the process is working incredibly well for me. I’ve nailed almost 10,000 words in the two weeks of writing. It’s messy, but that’s okay. I expected that. I’m writing this long work in a way that’s almost the exacty opposite of how I write short stories, which is an odd experience but I’m sure I’m learning something in the process. Namely to trust my instincts, as I’m surprised how often the answer to some plot question or character concerns appears right in the story as I’m writing it, without even thinking about it.

The creative process is a wonderful and mysterious thing, isn’t it? And how glad I am for that.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.

“Oh, Lisa, you and your stories! ‘Bart is a Vampire’ … ‘Beer kills off brain cells’ … Now lets go back… to… that building… where bed and TV… is.” ~Homer Simpson

PS – Artwork by this artist, and this one too.