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Have you read Mary Roach’s book, Bonk? Or, truly, any of her books (I have to admit that Stiff was my favorite, but I’ve loved them all. She’s like the Bill Bryson of the body, only without the boring parts :P)

Anyway, I just found this video via Rachel Kramer Bussel (and I just now learned how to embed videos in my blog, so be prepared for the onslaught of videos from the day forth. There, you have been warned.)

One of the reasons that I love Mary’s book is her no-nonsense approach to the body, coupled with what I think is a sort of embarrassment that’s typical of our society. And yet, she plowed forth, tried everything and helps people understand our sexuality in a way that I think is really, really important. Check out the video, below. She makes me laugh.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.

“Although parents and schools should be the basic providers of sound sex education, they seldom are. This leaves the library as the only source of sex education for young people, unless we want to abandon the job to sexploitation movies, rock lyrics, graffiti, and the dubious counsel of peers.” ~Patricia Campbell