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So, you’re waiting for the round-up of the California trip, aren’t you? After all, I promised it, and then I disappeared, as I’m wont to do. (I just love that word, by the way… wont. Sounds so… wrong, doesn’t it?). Well, I came home to a head cold/buggy and then someone broke into my car to steal a case of wine that was left on the front seat (considerate thieves, though, as they only broke the window, and only took the wine and the sunglasses). Either way, I’m a bit behind. Thus, I’m giving you California as a list, as a meme, as a “what I learned on my spring vacation” style compilation.

What California Taught Me:

  1. When someone offers to pick you at the airport, say yes. As they will show you gorgeous hilly views and tell stories of the bridges bending and motor along in their quiet little hybrid, only the sound of laughter and birds and your own thoughts.
  2. You can never be prepared for what you’ll find. So don’t try. I didn’t expect: rain, laughter, lust, reading fiction to each other, kids that I adored, a town that I fell in love with, a friend of a friend, someone else who loves Maxx, Robot Chicken, the rampant energy that happens when people of like minds gather at a table, more laughter, creativity all around me crackling.
  3. Some women look fucking hot as hell with graying hair. Damn.
  4. There is nothing more delightful that knowing someone via email and phone and internet and then meeting them in-person and realizing you like them even more.
  5. There is never enough time to stand in the kitchen and talk.
  6. There are truly evil cats in this world.
  7. Bacon martinis suck as a destination, but the journey to making them is incredibly fun.
  8. Being drunk in a hotel bed makes funny stories funnier and sad stories sadder and the 8 AM maid service next door noisier than hell.
  9. Everyone else is just as afraid of being found out, rejected, dejected, disliked as I am.
  10. I miss people already.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” ~Napolean Hill

PS – Dreamy photo by this artist.