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picture-1Oh, fuck me. I’m in love.

I don’t usually fall in love. Not with my gadgets anyway. Myspace and I cozied for a bit. Facebook and I had a fling. Twitter tweeted my buttons for a while. But they all fell away. One dimensional. Easily left behind.

Wordle, however. Now there’s a gadget I can truly lust after for a long, long time.

picture-4These are the wordles made from the Chained Lady story I mentioned yesterday. Does it surprise you to learn that I love the words that come to the front of this: know, eyes, want, mouth?

I want these on a T-shirt, I really really really do. Who can make this happen for me? Or teach me how? I will love you for as long as I love my new favorite gadget. Maybe longer

picture-61And by the way, since Sommer asked, and I’m so so proud to say, the chained lady story is available in Alison Tyler’s hot as hell collection, Playing with Fire: Taboo Erotica.

More Wordle please…