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So, after all those rejections comes…

…a big, fat, glorious yes! Oh, yum yum yum. My short bondage piece, “Deal” has been accepted for Cleis’ upcoming collection, Pleasure Bound: True Bondage Stories, edited by the incredible Alison Tyler.


I talked earlier this month about how my writing goes in streaks in terms of topics, and I realized one topic that I completely left out was games. This story is about Euchre, a card game I learned to play in high school (which, apparently makes me an oddity, since I grew up in New York, and no one outside the Midwest is supposed to learn this game.).  I have a story about Rock Paper Scissors in Alison Tyler’s Hurts So Good. In Susie Bright’s upcoming collection, Gothic Erotic, I have a story about a game that I play at tradeshows (far far too often) called Fuck Marry Kill.

Game fetish anyone? Who knew? And I haven’t even begun to write about Scrabble or Boggle or that old standby, Twister.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.

“Maybe I’m lucky to be going so slowly, because I may be going in the wrong direction” ~Ashleigh Brilliant

PS – Card photo by this artist.

PPS – Susie Bright also wrote about sex games in this post here!