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I know I haven’t written about writing much as of late. And this, after all, is supposed to be a writing blog. Or, at the very least, a blog about a writer. Neither of which I’ve delivered on as of late. Of course, I have what I think is a valid excuse. Moving out of the country, as it turns out, is both exciting and exhausting. I find myself longing for my bed nearly as soon as it gets dark with about ten more hours of work still ahead of me… and I find myself waking up long before it’s light, the list of things to do already whipping around my brain.

So, bear with me a few more days, will you, while I finish getting ready for this new chapter in my life. (There, I threw in a writing reference… see how I did that?). Today was the big moving sale (It’s pouring, of course. Welcome to freaking Portland.). My life, auctioned off to the highest bidder. Enough money to finance the driving trip across the country. And a very final and clear realization that, yes, this is actually happening.

Tomorrow begins three more days of cleaning, finalizing, packing my two suitcases, and officially saying goodbye to my home.


And then… and then… I will be on the road. And you know what I’m most excited for? To write. To write about writing again. To spend my days immersed in literature and how-to and poetry and prose. To play with words again. To find my characters. To make things up. To, as Ursala Le Guin says, lie in order to tell the truth.

So, here I go. On the road again. Thumb in the air. Wind on my hair. Bags in the back. Fingers on the keyboard. The car in fifth gear and my imagination and creativity in overdrive.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.

“Fiction writers, at least in their braver moments, do desire the truth: to know it, speak it, serve it. But they go about it in a peculiar and devious way, which consists in inventing persons, places, and events which never did and never will exist or occur, and telling about these fictions in detail and at length and with a great deal of emotion, and then when they are done writing down this pack of lies, they say, ‘There! That’s the truth!'” ~Ursula Le Guin