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…a lot. I swear a lot. Yes, I fucking do. Seriously, I know it’s an issue. I’m aware. I’ve admitted it. That’s the first step, right?

But the truth is that while I try to control it, I feel like swear words are a part of the English language, a part of my writer’s toolbox. Thus they’re mine to use at my discretion. To not use them would be to avoid one of the tools I’ve been given. But like anything else–quotes, dashes, verbs, description, adjectives, whatever–there’s a time and a place to use them. Not a time and place constrained by morales, but… in order to make the most impact. To have the effect that you desire.

Fuck is probably my favorite swear word. I’ve talked about it before, why it’s such a good one. So many ways to use it. I have a few other favorites too, although none that have the same impact.

Yesterday I saw, “Observe and Report,” a movie that I thought was going to be hysterical. I like base, stupid humor. I like sex jokes and dumb jokes and dirty jokes. I don’t really have a filter for how far down my sense of humor will go. But, and this is a big but (one t, not two), the humor has to be smart too. Very little offends me if it’s wrapped in smart, sexy humor. I have a soft spot for double entendres, wicked word play, comedy that pushes the boundaries of society and accepted norms and expectations. Consider:



Yes, I know my humor’s all over the place. I believe laughter is second (only after really great sex) as catharsis and cure for any and every ailment.

Thus, I won’t say how disappointed I was to discover that the movie I had such hopes for was. just. not. funny. Not at all. (Okay, I laughed once or twice. But I do that in most romances and serious flicks too, so it doesn’t say anything). I think, truly, it was the lack of smarts that did the movie in for me. That and the continued and overdone use of the word “fuck” as though repeating it over and over and over and over and over would amp up the humor. Note to movie-makers: If your movie is not funny, it will not be saved by six millions fucks (unless it’s porn.)

If you’ve seen it, let me know what you thought. Am I way off-base here? Will it grow on me if I watch it again?

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


“The kind of humor I like is the thing that makes me laugh for five seconds and think for ten minutes.” ~William Davis